How to keep your lawn luscious and green in Arizona

Keeping your lawn green doesn’t have to drain your bank account, so knowing the trick to watering a desert lawn is key to a happy yard and wallet.

Prime watering time is in the early morning when wind and evaporation are at their lowest point. Watering during a period of high winds will result in uneven sprinkling patterns, and wasting both water and money. Another way to help lower your water bill is to replace your sprinklers to a more modern, up to date system that allows for maximum watering efficiency. Have Bim’s Lawn and Landscaping retrofit your sprinklers with Hunter MP Rotator heads which gives more coverage while using 30% less water than a standard sprinkler head.
Knowing when you need to water will also make watering your lawn less frequent.

Here’s a quick test: push a six inch long shaft of a screwdriver into the ground. If it goes in with ease then the grass does not need to be watered. If it takes a bit of muscle, then go ahead and water that grass. Be sure not to over water your grass because it can increase the chances of fungus and root rots in your yard, mosquito larva making your lawn their new home, as well as waste water and money.

Arizona’s desert climate does not permit for enough rain to keep our lawns green and even, so using a fertilizer will help to maintain that picture perfect lawn during the summer time. Bim’s will fertilize your yard as needed to make sure it stays its greenest. Irrigation is quite popular in the Central Phoenix homes, but even irrigation does not provide minerals that are found in rain water. Adding that bit of fertilizer will make all the difference in any yard.