Bring the Arizona state tree to your yard

The Palo Verde is the most ideal tree for an Arizona yard simply because it is a native plant to this climate. It can survive on a very limited amount of water, but can also survive in areas that receive a lot of water, such as ponds and pools. As the state tree of Arizona, and a provider of shade at maturation, the Palo Verde should be a focal point in every Arizonan’s yard.

The first species of Palo Verde is the Blue Palo Verde. It grows to be about 30 feet tall and wide, making it a great tree for large areas of shade. Its popularity has grown in Phoenix and Tucson because of its incredible shade coverage.

The second species is the Foothills Palo Verde, or Little Leaf Palo Verde. This tree reaches about 20 feet tall and takes a more “shrubby” form. Though the tiny yellow blossoms are a pleasure to look at don’t get too close! You may get poked by the thorns on the branch ends.

The third of the Palo Verde family is the Mexican Palo Verde. It grows much faster than the other species and also sheds the most. The leaves are so tiny they are extremely difficult to pick up, and the Mexican Palo Verde starts shedding earlier than the others.

The newest Palo Verde species is called the Desert Museum Palo Verde, which is a three way hybrid of the Mexican, Foothills, and Blue Palo Verdes. The Desert Museum Palo Verde has all of the desirable traits of the previous three: fast growth, pretty yellow flowers that bloom over a long period of time and are more resilient against pests and strong branches that grow upright. This tree is also most desirable because it has the least amount of shedding because of the lack of tiny leaves and pods.